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Renault Scenic Dashboard Fault

Renault Megane Scenic Dashboard Repair service

We can repair most faults that occur on the Renault Scenic instrument cluster. The Renault Scenic dashboard suffers from many common faults, which usually start off as an intermittent fault and then finally end up with complete cluster failure. These faults range from - display flickering on and off, display beeping or ticking, time and trip randomly resetting, volume control failure and mileage jumping up by 1000's of miles to name but a few.

Renault scenic dashboard fault, repair service

We can repair your Renault Scenic dashboard / speedo / instrument cluster at a fraction of the cost of going to a main dealer for a replacement unit. There are also other advantages of having your old dash repaired rather than fitting a new or second-hand speedo / instrument cluster. If you take your vehicle to a main dealer the mileage reading will be zero, which may cause difficulties when re-selling your vehicle. If you fit a second-hand dash then the mileage will be what ever the donor vehicle had on it. Also, when fitting a second-hand speedo the chassis / VIN number will be incorrect, as they will be the numbers from the donar vehicle. When we repair your scenic - megane unit the mileage and vin will be correct.
We offer a postal repair service if needed as we have the ability to fully test your repaired unit on our bench test rig.

Please feel free to call us to discuss your requirements.

Tel: 07774 268070

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