Mercedes Sprinter Speedo showing ------

Do you have a Mercedes Sprinter which has the usual mileage readout fault showing a line of dashes ------
after you have fitted a second hand dashboard. We can help you with this problem by coding a second-hand dashboard to your Sprinter van.

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The Mercedes Sprinter speedo / instrument cluster failure is very common. To have a new speedo fitted at your local Mercedes dealer can work out very expensive. Fitting a second hand instrument cluster to a sprinter van is not just as simple as taking out the old one and replacing it with another one. The original speedo is programmed to your vehicle which matches it to the other modules within the vehicle. When you replace it with a secondhand one the programming does not match which results in the mileage not diplaying correctly. The mileage usually shows up for a few seconds when the ignition is turned on but then dissapears, leaving you with a line of dashes something like this ------ We can reprogram a second hand Mercedes speedo to your vehicle so that your mileage displays correctly.

Mercedes sprinter speedo fault. No mileage displayed ------

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