Dashboard Repairs and Digital Mileage Adjustment - Correction Service
For Most Makes Of Cars & Motorcycles With Digital Dashboards

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All the very latest BMW Vehicles corrected on site including latest CAS 4 with XGATE technology.......... All new Mercedes including key module and gateway on site.......... All the latest VAG cars to date onsite........... Audi A4 to date via OBD2.......... Lamborghini Gallardo via OBD2.......... Ford Galaxy / SMax..........eeprom dump calculations on the latest vehicles - Motorola 912 secure key modules / CAS Units & dashes SAME DAY SERVICE !!!........ Call us for a price...........Tel: 07774 268070....Calls answered (7 days a week)

Frequantly asked questions


Question. Will you require any proof that my mileage needs correctiong.

Answer. Yes, you will need to meet our requirments, which basicly means you need a genuine reason to have your mileage corrected.

Question. Do I need to inform anyone of the changes?

Answer. Yes, when you sell the vehicle you must inform the purchaser of any changes.

Question. Are your prices negotiable?

Answer. Yes we will try to beat any genuine price as long as it is from a reputable company offering the same standard of work and service as ourselves. Remember if it seems too good to be true it probably is.

Question.Why are you dearer than some other companies I have seen on the Internet ?

Answer. There are many reasons why we may be dearer than other companies. Firstly we only use the very latest hardware and software which is dedicated to mileage correction. This equipment is very expensive to purchase and therefore has to be recouped. Unlike some of the so called mileage correction experts around we do not use any cheap Chinese cloned machines purchased from EBay or any free downloaded software. Secondly we operate from premises which are specially designed for mileage correction. We will not try to arrange to meet you at a service area, petrol station or a layby on the side of the road. Lastly and most importantly we are fully trained in electronics and the mileage correction industry.

Question. How long does it take?

Answer. That depends on the vehicle, some vehicles will only take a few minutes but others may take a few hours.

Question. Does my instrument cluster have to be removed to re-program it?

Answer. Some vehicles do require the instrument cluster to be removed but others can be programmed through the diagnostic port. You can rest assured that if your instrument cluster does have to be removed all work will be carried out by a fully qualified vehicle technician.

Question. Do you do all of your programming on the premisses?

Answer.Yes we do carry out all programming on the premises, unlike some of our competition we do not have to send certain units away resulting in you loosing the use of your vehicle for several days.

Question. I have had the mileage on my vehicle looked at by another company and they have damaged the instrument cluster. Would you be prepared to have a look at this?

Answer. Yes we would be prepared to rectify other companies mistakes but you must realise that this can be very time consuming and costly.

Question. Is your work guaranteed?

Answer. Yes as long as your vehicle has not been tampered with previously.