Dashboard Repairs and Digital Mileage Adjustment - Correction Service
For Most Makes Of Cars & Motorcycles With Digital Dashboards
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All the very latest BMW Vehicles corrected on site including latest CAS 4 with XGATE technology.......... All new Mercedes including key module and gateway on site.......... All the latest VAG cars to date onsite........... Audi A4 to date via OBD2.......... Lamborghini Gallardo via OBD2.......... New Ford Galaxy / SMax..........eeprom dump calculations on the latest vehicles - Motorola 912 secure key modules / CAS Units & dashes SAME DAY SERVICE !!!........ Call us for a price...........Tel: 07774 268070....Calls answered (7 days a week)


We will only offer our service to correct your mileage when it is for a legitimate reason, you will be required to produce evidence that your request is valid, There are many reasons why you may need our services. Starting the car after it has been standing for a long period, removing the battery to carry out other repairs, jump starting your car when the battery is flat, etc, etc.

By agreeing to our services the customer acknowledges that the mileage correction services provided by Digital Dashboard Services must be used with the intention that they are for legitimate reasons. By accepting our service the customer acknowledges this to be true. By agreeing to Dunstable Digital Dashboards carrying out work on the customer's vehicle, the customer acknowledges that should the vehicle be sold on, then it is the seller's duty to inform the new buyer of any changes made.

We comply fully with all the laws regarding odometer reset and it is not an offence in this country to change the odometer on your own personal vehicle or to correct a false reading. However it is an offence to sell the vehicle knowing that the reading shown is lower than that of the actual reading. If the vehicle's mileage cannot be guaranteed you must display a disclaimer on the odometer the same size or larger than the odometer itself.

Terms & Conditions

This service is to be used at the sole risk of the customer, we will not be held responsible should problems arise after leaving our premises.

We will not be held responsible for any illegal misuse of this service.

We will only repair digital dashboards when-

The mileage has been corrupted due to electrical spikes / surges.

The dashboard has been replaced with a new or second-hand unit.

The vehicle has been converted from km/h to mp/h and has an incorrect odometer reading.

The vehicle memory module has been corrupted (e.g. jump starting, changing battery, accidental, vandal damage etc)

If you alter the mileage you must tell the next owner of the vehicle that there has been a change in mileage.