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We will require proof that the mileage value on your vehicle is incorrect and that your request is genuine.

Important: If you sell your vehicle YOU MUST disclose to any prospective purchaser that you have had the odometer adjusted / corrected. Please don't call us and ask if we can clock your mileage as we will decline. If however you have a genuine reason to have your milometer reduced or increased please feel free to call us.

We carry out mileage correction on all BMW models including the latest vehicles with CAS 4 9s12 processors
All new BMW models 2012 CAS4 with Motorola Processor 9S12 XEP mask 5M48H / 4M48H SC 66 7095 CAG

We carry out digital mileage correction across the complete range of BMW vehicles in house. Unlike other companies, we carry out all programming on the premises, facilitating same day service. We utilise the very latest state of the art programming equipment so you can be assured your vehicle is in safe hands. All of our work is carried out at our premises in an EPA (Electrostatic Protective Area) We do not offer a mobile service as this work should not be carried out on the side of the road, where dirt and static can have dramatic affects on the ESD sensitive electronic components inside your dashboard. Failure to have this work carried out under the correct conditions can result in the corruption of the data stored in the processor and or chips within your dashboard / CAS unit. Should this happen, your vehicle will be immobilised resulting in the purchase of a new unit. Unlike many other so called correction specialists we don't have to replace the chip inside your instrument cluster. We have the abillity to re-program all of the chips used inside BMW instrument clusters. Including the very latest D80D0W and D160D0W.
BMW vehicles up to 2005 have the mileage stored in 4 locations, these are the instrument cluster, the EWS
(immobiliser unit) the LCM (light control module) and the ignition key. Vehicles built from 2005 onwards have the ability to store the mileage in any of the 120 + ECU's on the vehicle. Everytime a fault occurs it will be logged by it's controlling ECU along with a fault code and the mileage value at the time of the fault. (see below for more info) As part of our mileage correction service we carry out a deep memory scan which scans every onboard ECU. Any historic faults will have the code and mileage cleared, any present faults will have the value reset to the present mileage.

1 Series E87 + CAS Unit
3 Series All Inc. E46, E90 / E91 / E92
3 Series F30
5 Series All Inc. E60 / E61 / E66
5 Series F10 - F11 CAS 4
6 Series E63 + CAS Unit
6 Series F12 - F13
7 Series All Inc E65 + CAS Unit
7 Series F01 - F02 - F04 with CAS 4
8 Series
8 Series
Z3 / Z4 / Z8
X3 F25
X1 / X3 / X5 / X6 Inc. EWS 4 9s12 processor
BMW Mini One / Cooper dash HC12
BMW Mini One / Cooper EWS 4.3 9s12
BMW Mini One / Cooper CAS 3 9s12X

Trade Customers Welcome

We will undertake same day
912 / 9s12 CAS / CAS2
CAS 3 / CAS 4 / EWS 4.3 etc.
programming for trade customers
Please call For Trade Prices.

07774 268070

D80D0WQ / D160D0WQ
Erasing & Programming

The image below is a screen print taken from the official BMW DIS diagnostic information system. It shows a typical BMW fault code which is stored in the controlling ECU. As you can see in this instance the fault is in the DSC ECU. If you look in the bottom box labelled Messages and Results you will see the details of the fault. Take a look at the line Last at Mileage/ km reading. This is the mileage reading when the fault last occured. You may not be aware that your vehicle has any fault codes stored but we can pretty much guarantee that will have. If any old fault codes exist after correction has been carried out the old mileage at which they occured is easily found. This is why we always carry out a complete deep memory scan of all ECU's to find any codes and then erase them.

BMW fault code

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