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Audi A4 Error / dEF Error
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error - dEF

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Is your Audi A4 Bosch RB4 instrument cluster showing Error or dEF Error
Has somebody attempted to carry out mileage correction on your Audi A4 with a crypto or non crypto dashboard and now your left with the mileage display showing either dEF - Error ? This problem usually exists because the information in the eerpom of the Bosch RB4 dashboard has become corrupt. Until now the only solution to rectify this problem was to replace the instrument cluster with a new one. This meant that the vehicle would have to be taken along to your local Audi dealer to supply a new cluster and program it in to your vehicle. This job would cost you several hundreds of pounds and the embarrassment of them knowing what you have been up to. We can now offer a repair service for this problem with a 90% success rate.

Audi A4 mileage display showitn Error / def

Bosch RB4 crypto mileage display showing dEf. Error

So if the mileage display on your A4 is showing Error or dEF. / def. error give us a call today


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Please note that you must disclose to any prospective purchaser that you have had the mileage adjusted / corrected when selling your vehicle.

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